A sound shaped by years of living between bustling cities and serene isolation, the music of Yellow House is a unique blend of stark reality and escapism.

As Van Gogh’s painting of the Yellow House contrasts bright shades of yellow with deep blue, so too does Yellow House’s work encapsulate the same moods of light and dark. These elements exist in parallel, yet always in harmony. Sombre, yet hopeful.

Yellow House juxtaposes the folk ideologies of reflective poetry with the ethereal nature of Dream Pop. Grounded by a rhythm section inspired by RnB and Hip Hop, these elements combine to create a distinct sonic spectrum.

The upcoming album, “Psalms of Yellow House,” promises to build upon this ethos. More than a collection of songs, it is a culmination of a journey that is both artistic and deeply personal. The album stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of meaning and beauty. It is an invitation to the listener to step inside the Yellow House and find solidarity in the shared human condition.